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RWA conference

Just a little over a month until Trish and I go to the RWA conference in Florida. Still so much to do in preparation. Need to decide which work shops we want to attend so we can print the hand outs ahead of time. Need to get my wardrobe together too. I’ve got my website ‘somewhat’ done…one of these days I’ll get to those recipes.  This is my new blog site and you may have guessed that I’m not too comfortable with it yet. If things are here today and gone tomorrow, I’m only warning you ahead of time that it’ll probably be because of operator error on my part!

I’m still going to the gym at least 3 days a week, sometimes as many as 4 or 5.  Let me tell you,  by the time I get out of that place, I’ve worked up a good sweat.  I have to admit I feel a lot better and I can now understand how working out gets to be addicting. I doubt if I’ll ever be a runner like my daughter is, but I figure if I can get to the conference and walk from one end of the hotel to the other without losing my breath, I’ve accomplished something. After all, I want to be around long enough to reap the rewards of being a published author one day.  It hasn’t happen yet, folks, but I’ve got faith that it will. Nobody makes it overnight.  : )

I’ve got over 80,000 words written on Some Day Somebody and I thinks it’s filled with alot more tension than my first version. I’ve added a couple of more whodunnit moments and another twist here and there. Those of you have read the first version will be at a distinct disadvantage but you’ll definitely see the vast improvements in the plot as well as my writing.  So glad I didn’t send that version in to an agent or publisher.

Time to get to work now!


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One thought on “RWA conference

  1. Hey! Like the new blog! I LOVE being able to leave comments where we can actually see them! Make sure that you tell the girls at the JMBB. Have a good one…HUGS

    Trish aka Wackycajun

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