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RWA PRO membership

Good news, everyone…I’m now an official PRO member of RWA.  Reason to be excited?  Definitely!  Being a PRO means that I’ve taken a significant step forward in attempting to publish. 

Credentials to become a PRO:

1. You have to have written at least one complete manuscript (I have five written)

2. You have to have submitted said manuscript to either an agent or publishing house in the form of a query letter, paragraphs, or full manuscript and you need proof to show that you’ve done so. (I have sent to a few agents and one publishing house and have the queries to prove it)

3. You have to have proof that said agent or publisher has received the submission and either accepted or rejected it.  (Unfortunately I also have the rejection letters to prove it)   : (

Anyway, folks, now that RWA knows I’m serious about writing and submitting they’re sending me loads of useful information about agents, publishers, workshops, etc.   I’m also eligible to attend the 4 hour PRO retreat at RWA – a workshop full of useful and helpful information and tips.  

So…even though I’m not published yet, I’ve got faith that it will eventually happen.  I’ve got so many stories to tell and I am hopelessly addicted to writing.  I pray that one day soon you’ll all get to buy my books and feed my habit.  Until then, send a few prayers in my direction so that I find an agent, editor, and publisher who are the perfect fit for me and my writing style.

Thanks for listening, and remember…all comments are WELCOMED as well as ENCOURAGED!


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4 thoughts on “RWA PRO membership

  1. Hey, I finally got my PRO pin, so we are twins now!!


  2. News to me! Never heard of this group. Sounds like good help and encouragement. Alas, I’ll never (oops-never say never?) have the credentials to make it. Have only 3 manuscripts and one is only one page long! It’s for a children’s picture book so don’t laugh too soon! I really enjoyed visiting with you at Piccadilly and hope to see a lot more of you. Thanks for following my blogs. Happy writing.

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