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Stepson’s surgery

My stepson, Micah, had gall bladder surgery this morning. I just spoke to my DIL, Trish, and she said it was a very large incision due to scar tissue from previous surgeries.  Hopefully, this one will make a big difference in the way he feels.  I’m sending prayers his way for a quick recovery, and hope you all will, too.

See ya,


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2 thoughts on “Stepson’s surgery

  1. Lori, I hope for a speedy recovery for your stepson so he can enjoy the rest of the warm summer days. And congratulations on your PRO Membership to RWA!


  2. Lori,

    I’m going to see Micah tonight, even though I don’t get off until 6. I hope to find him in the same good mood that I hear from him when I talk to him on the phone. 🙂 He sounds like he is doing okay, just bored and aggravated b/c he can’t drink or eat anything yet.

    Talina, thanks for the well wishes. I hope to have my husband home soon!



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