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First Meeting with Bayou Writers’ Group

I’m excited about getting to meet everyone at the writers’ group this morning in Lake Charles.  Hope I fit in and can be a help to them if I become a member.  Trish and I, along with my new houseguest, my sister June, will be going. I hope they don’t mind.  I suspect that my older sis will provide me with all the material I need for a romance novel one of these days. :O

I have things to do this morning, so I’ll check back later to let everyone know how the meeting went.


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2 thoughts on “First Meeting with Bayou Writers’ Group

  1. I hope your trip was a perfect match for you. Meeting new people is always fun, but a little nerve wracking too. Happy 4th1:-)


  2. Thank you Talina..it was a great meeting. Met some wonderful people whom I’m sure will turn into great friends. Got to hear samples of some of their work..interesting, talented people..one and all. I swallowed my fear and read the first five minutes of one of my manuscripts and got nice compliments and reviews. I have to thank my stint as president of the Lake Arthur Jaycee’s years ago for my ability to stand and speak before crowds. LOL! I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July.

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