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Well, folks…this is my last blog…before I leave for Florida tomorrow morning, that is.  Trish and I will be leaving early in the a.m. and driving all day to Gainesville, Fla. where we will spend the night.  We’ll have a short drive, just under 2 hours, on Wednesday morning to get to the hotel for our early check in. I’ve been busy printing out schedules for work shops, floor plans of the hotel because it’s HUGE, making lists, checking items off, packing too much clothes (I’m sure of it), and trying not to forget anything.  Have appt’s. to get nails done and a pedicure at noon, and waiting to hear if my prescription sunglasses came in, in which case, I’ll have to make a run to Lake Charles to get them. Busy, busy!  I will do my best to keep all of you informed and try to write a little on the blog every day. So keep checking in!


P.S.  Bayou Writers’ Group posted the 2nd blog article I sent her. Go check it out at www.bayouwritersgroup.org

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One thought on “MY LAST BLOG!

  1. Lori, have a safe and fun trip!!! You just might need a small vacation from your trip when you get back. ENJOY!!


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