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Hope in an email!


I have a bit of news for everyone.  While at RWA, I entered a crazy copy contest during a spotlight for Grand Central Publishing – it was just a game in which I had to create of list of words and try to be creative.  (See the image below of the crazy blurb they created using my word list.) A couple of weeks later they told me I’d won a fantastic free critique session from them because of it. I got my query letter, five page single-spaced synopsis, and first fifty pages of my manuscript ready and sent them off to be critiqued by one of GCP’s editors. 

Just before that, I sent a query letter w/short synopsis to Ms. Deb Werksman of Source Books Publishing.  I received an email from her on Monday that said she sent the query to Ms. Leah Hultenschmidt, the editor in charge of fictional romance, for ‘further consideration’ and that I should be hearing from her soon.  It had the sound of a form letter, but since it’s my very first non rejection letter, I’m taking it as a sign of hope.   I’m praying I get the results back from GCP’s critique session in time to put their suggestions to good use and send the improvements to Source Books when (not if – see how positive I’m thinking?) they request it.  So to all of you bloggers out there,  say a prayer for me and wish me luck!

I’ll keep you posted,


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