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Great Expectations

Hello all. I want to talk about expectations today. What do we expect out of life? Do we expect to be treated fairly? To be treated with respect? To be loved unconditionally? Expectations are fine, but as we grow older, we learn that life doesn’t always treat us fairly, whether or not we deserve it. We also learn that, in order to be respected, we must first respect others. And we learn that unconditional love is sometimes doled out sparingly under extremely specific conditions. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty much relegated to the Holy Trinity and the family pet…in that order.

I celebrated my fifty-second birthday today. I had great expectations two years ago, on the big five-oh. I expected to be published by now…I’m not. I expected to be skinny…I’m not that, either. I expected to be better off financially than I was then, due to the success of my writing career.  (Refer to aforementioned expectation about not being published.)   Have I given up? Of course not. I’ll continue to write, whether I’m published or not, because I love it. I’ll continue to work out at the gym because, even if I never get down to my goal weight, I feel better by doing so.  

I’m a lucky person. I know this, because two people I care about have recently experienced devastating losses in the past two weeks. My thirteen year old grandaughter, Cat, lost her father on October 4th. He was only thirty-five.  At thirteen, poor Cat has to find a way to deal with the loss of a man who adored his little girl. How do you get over something like that? I wish I knew. 

A week later, my sister, Shelley, lost her husband to his battle with cancer. I say battle in the truest sense of the word, because Carl was a fighter…a true warrior when it came to his illness. “It took four cancers to kill him.” My sisters words, not mine.

I look at my husband and think, how do you get over something like that? Again, I wish I knew, so I could pass on some words of wisdom to her. 

As I said, I’m lucky, and I know it. My husband is here and relatively healthy. I’ve had one cancer scare,  but I’m cancer free now and healthy. We are surrounded by children and grandchildren whom we both adore. We’re both working and we are privileged to live in the best country in the world, despite its less than desireable political leaders (in my humble opinion, anyway).

So, what do I expect from life? I expect the chance to work hard for the things I want, to enjoy my grandchildren, my children, my husband, my work, my friends, and my writing. I expect to learn from the experiences that life has doled out to me and my loved ones, whether good or bad.  

What have I learned in fifty-two years? I’ve learned that it’s never too late to change your life for the better. It’s acceptable to stretch for that higher branch, reach for a happiness you’ve only dreamed of.  Two things that are never a waste of time are a good education and love.

I expect to make the most of my life. I hope that when it’s my time to leave this earth, people will remember me as the type of woman who made the most of her opportunities. I hope that when I’m gone, people will smile when they remember me. If I can accomplish that, my life will have been a success.

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16 thoughts on “Great Expectations

  1. Beautiful post honey. I loved reading it and it also gave me a renewed sense of hope, both with my writing and with the way I look at each day in general.

    I’m lucky to have met Micah, not only b/c he is wonderful and treats me well, but b/c it brought me into contact with his family and then with branches of yours! I value everything we do together b/c when we look back on this in five to ten years we can remember everything it took to get us to where we will be, and that we lived this transition together!


    • Aw, thanks honey! You know how much we love you!

    • Pam Owldreamer on said:

      Great post.I too had great expectations.I expected to live on and run our family farm.I didn’t. I expected to stay married to the same man all of my life.he had other ideas.I expected my four children to outlive me.Only three did.I expected to weigh 110 lbs forever,I sure didn’t.I expected to retire and have fun,wrong! well life just keeps throwing those curve balls and I expect that to continu.

      • Thanks for the comment, Pam. Yeah, life is nothing if not unpredictable. Can’t wait to get to know you better through BWG and RWA online.

  2. I know what you mean about expectations. It is great to have goals and aspirations, but life doesn’t always turn out the way you plan it. However, that doesn’t mean we should give up on our dreams. Love the post!

    I am not sure how to become a follower on wordpress, but I will add your blog to my links of blogs I visit on mine!

    I hope you had a Happy Birthday!

  3. Loved the post Lori! Such an inspiration.

  4. Wonderful post, Lori. It’s so true too. It is great to have expectations for ourselves but it’s equally important to not beat ourselves up when we fall short of reaching our goals within a certain deadline. The important aspect is to keep on and believe in ourselves and to continue pushing forward. Thanks for these awesome words of wisdom, Lori. God bless you and your family. I’ve added your blog on my list of blogs to follow.


    JD (Kellie C) 🙂

  5. Great post, Lori. Your “way with words” will get you published, I just know it. Keep thinking “Persistencepersistencepersistence!” Here’s blog site you may not have: http://ChipMacGregor.com He’s an agent for Christian writers and sounds like a good one. See you next BWC meeting, I hope.

  6. Lori,
    You are such a beautiful lady to know. Keep striving for your “great expectations” because I can’t wait to buy your books.

  7. kelliejwin on said:

    Life has so much to teach us. Sometimes we learn by listening to our intuition. Sometimes we learn by making a mistake. Sometimes no matter how hard we try, we have to learn to let go of certain things. I believe in reaching for your dreams. You are never given a dream without the power to make it come true. Sometimes it takes longer than you expect. Sometimes the dream takes on a shape you never imagined. What do I expect from my life? I expect to keep on learning. I expect myself to spread joy. I expect myself to support others. I expect to keep on growing emotionally and mentally. (I won’t say physically because we all know that won’t happen! LOL) I expect to make the most of my life and the opportunities I’m given.

    Great post, Lori! And I’m so fortunate to have met you all at RWA!

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