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Almost there!

I’m almost there, folks! I’ve got the final mark ups for Some Day Somebody, and just finished the re-write of Last First Kiss.  I’m going to send it to my editor-in-chief/good friend/co-worker, Barbara, so she can work her magic and find all those typos that seem to get by me and several other readers.

While I’m waiting for those, I and my cover artist/photographer/friend/co-worker, Joan, will begin working on the cover for the first two books in my series.

Lastly, I’ll convert the books to e-reader format for Amazon’s Kindle (either the reader or the free reader for your PC, which is what I have)  and upload my books to Amazon.  Once I get the kinks worked out of that, I’ll tackle the PubIt formatting for Barnes and Noble’s Nook reader, then go on to other formats.  I do plan on having print books eventually, but I’m going to concentrate on e-books for the first few months.

So, bear with me!  I’m going to use Facebook, twitter, blogs, and any other form of Social Networking to get the word out, but I can always use the help of friends, fans, and family to get the word out.

I’m constantly striving to get my writing cleaner, sharper, tighter, and more pleasing to the reader.  I pray that you all love reading about my characters as much as I love writing about them and the fictional world I’ve created.  As you may have heard, writing is just a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep you posted on when the books will become available.  You keep checking, and I’ll keep blogging!


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2 thoughts on “Almost there!

  1. Big time congrats, love! Wow, from telling me at PT that you were seriously considering self-publishing to actually doing it in a matter of only a few week is phenomenal. I’m so happy for you and proud –I got to read at least some of it when it was in a semi-embryonic stage!

    (Let me tole y’all, dem Cajuns, dey can WORK, yes, and fass, fass too. An dere’re SMART!)

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