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It’s Finally HERE!

Finally available for digital downloading on both Amazon’s Kindle and Kindle for PC, and Barnes and Noble’s Nook as well as other e-readers.  Some Day Somebody is Book 1 in my La Fleur de Love series.

Some Day Somebody is the story of one  woman’s encounter with independence, intrigue, and intimacy in the arms of
a man who helps her to realize it’s never too late for a new beginning. 

Carrie Jeansonne’s Plan for the rest of her life: Education  (check), Career (check), Provide for her three teenagers (check), Divorce  controlling, horn-dog of a husband (somewhat nasty, but progressing), and find  some happiness (not so easy).  The thirty-six year old mother wants to concentrate on her new drafting career in Road Design with no added complications – is that too much to ask?

Enter Sam Langley: Knocking on forty, single, and hating it. Formerly the office clown, his morose mood has prompted his co-workers to dub him “Oscar the Grouch” in the year
since his wife’s departure and his divorce.   After clashing with his new, outspoken co-worker, the surveyor can’t  help but be drawn to this brassy, sassy lady with her take no prisoner  attitude.

Plagued by her ex-husband’s can’t- take-no-for-an-answer  intrusions and sleep depriving phone calls, Carrie is reluctant to allow another man into her life.  By the time
she decides Sam could be more than a friend, the mysterious phone calls lead to
something dark and disturbing.  As Carrie realizes she may be dealing with more than her disgruntled ex, she struggles to overcome the obstacles threatening her happiness as well as her life.

I’m extremely proud of my Cajun heritage and try to inject the flavor and flair of southern Louisiana in the form of food, customs, dialect, or music. I would love the opportunity to introduce you to ‘my people’, the witty, wonderful, and sometimes wild characters of my imaginary world.


Last First Kiss

Book 2 of La Fleur de Love Series

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One thought on “It’s Finally HERE!

  1. Congrats Lori! Can’t wait to download it 🙂 HUGS

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