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Seasons of Love Series – Book 1: Hearts, Hearths & Holidays

Seasons of Love Series - Book 1: Hearts, Hearths & Holidays

A CHILD WAS BORN (Jessica Ferguson) – When a cowboy bearing gifts crashes a BFF Christmas Retreat, he gets more than he bargained for . . . the gift of a lifetime.

BELLS WILL BE RINGING (Lori Leger) – With a looming medical diagnosis threatening their happiness, one couple is determined to celebrate the greatest gift of all…

BLUE CHRISTMAS (Alicia Dean) – When heartbreak derails a bride-to-be’s holiday cheer, will a sexy, self-proclaimed Grinch restore her Christmas spirit…and her faith in love?

THE CHRISTMAS STAR (Karen Sue Burns) – Under the glow of a magical Christmas star, two lonely people find each other and learn the true meaning of the holiday.

SHOTGUN SANTA (Jennifer Jakes) –The last thing she expected him to steal was her heart…

THREE WEEKS BEFORE CHRISTMAS (Trish F. Leger) – Through courage and perseverance one woman teaches an Earl the true meaning of the season.

TWO GIFTS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE (Kellie Kamryn) – A gift from her father brings Alyssa the chance to give herself the gift of love.

Sarah Smile

Sarah Smile

Book 2 of Halos & Horns series

Now that her abusive ex-husband is out of her life, Sarah Richard is savoring her freedom. Surrounded by people who treat her and her babies like family, the three of them are thriving. Though occasionally haunted by nightmares from her violent past, she struggles to put it behind her. With a loving surrogate family, good friends, and a new career, all she lacks is a man in her life. The question is, will she ever be able to trust another man with her and her twin daughters’ hearts?

Dr. Tanner Collins is running from his own sordid past. The man has left a trail of women from one end of Louisiana to the other, and through half the state of Texas. Even when this bad boy tries to be good, he has women throwing themselves at him at all hours of the day and night. When his admiration for Sarah turns into something stronger, he keeps his feelings in check, knowing he’ll never be near the kind of man she deserves.

When Tanner rushes to Houston to be with his parents during his father’s illness, he’s forced to deal with hidden resentments toward his upper crust parents. At some point he accepts the fact that situations aren’t always as obvious as they seem on the surface.

Note from the author:

The Halos and Horns series is filled with new characters you’ll love, along with frequent appearances of old favorites from my La Fleur de Love series. Enjoy!

~ Lori Leger ~

Green Eyed Temptation: Book 1 of Halos & Horns


Okay, I admit it! I was tired of the silhouettes…I wanted to see some real faces and bodies, and yes, just a little skin. That is the only reason I decided to start a new spinoff series and call it Halos & Horns. It’s cool! My fabulous cover artist, Kimberly Killion, even designed a logo for me:
Yep! It belongs solely to me! And let’s face it, it goes nicely with my new publishing logo, doesn’t it?
Logo for new CF FB page

Green Eyed Temptation (Formerly “Green Eyed Lady”) is the first book my Halos & Horns series. It’s a love triangle between Angelique Baptiste, Mike Harper, and Liam Nash. Who will win out? You’ll have to read it to see!

Two perfect men…One torn woman…Whose heart will be broken?


Heaven In Your Eyes: Book 4 of La Fleur de Love Series

SHE wants to avoid another broken heart…
HE wants her safe from harm…in his arms…
and trusting him enough to take a chance on forever.

Heaven in Your Eyes is book 4 of my La Fleur de Love series. It’s the story of Annie McAllister and Drake LeBlanc, and it will leave you breathless with anticipation.


Brown Eyed Girl: Book 3 of La Fleur de Love series


Will the promise of new love triumph over hardship, or will revenge forge ahead on its own trail of death and destruction?

Book 3 of my La Fleur de Love series, is the story of Scott “Red” McAllister and Tiffany LeBlanc. I have to say, it’s my favorite of all my stories so far. I just can’t help it, I love me some Red!

Available in Kindle and Paperback through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Createspace, Books a Million, and other fine bookstores.

Hart’s Desire: La Fleur de Love (Book 2.5)

Once, their parents schemed to keep them apart. Can they find each other in time to recover what they lost thirty years ago?

Hart’s Desire, Book 2.5 in my La Fleur de Love series is the story of Melinda and Greg. It is available in Kindle and paper back through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million, and other fine bookstores.

New look – same book!

New look - same book!

New cover for Last First Kiss…also from KK of Hot Damn Designs

New look – same book!

New look - same book!

Fabulous new cover for Some Day Somebody, designed by K. Killion of Hot Damn Designs.

Book link





It’s Finally HERE!

Finally available for digital downloading on both Amazon’s Kindle and Kindle for PC, and Barnes and Noble’s Nook as well as other e-readers.  Some Day Somebody is Book 1 in my La Fleur de Love series.

Some Day Somebody is the story of one  woman’s encounter with independence, intrigue, and intimacy in the arms of
a man who helps her to realize it’s never too late for a new beginning. 

Carrie Jeansonne’s Plan for the rest of her life: Education  (check), Career (check), Provide for her three teenagers (check), Divorce  controlling, horn-dog of a husband (somewhat nasty, but progressing), and find  some happiness (not so easy).  The thirty-six year old mother wants to concentrate on her new drafting career in Road Design with no added complications – is that too much to ask?

Enter Sam Langley: Knocking on forty, single, and hating it. Formerly the office clown, his morose mood has prompted his co-workers to dub him “Oscar the Grouch” in the year
since his wife’s departure and his divorce.   After clashing with his new, outspoken co-worker, the surveyor can’t  help but be drawn to this brassy, sassy lady with her take no prisoner  attitude.

Plagued by her ex-husband’s can’t- take-no-for-an-answer  intrusions and sleep depriving phone calls, Carrie is reluctant to allow another man into her life.  By the time
she decides Sam could be more than a friend, the mysterious phone calls lead to
something dark and disturbing.  As Carrie realizes she may be dealing with more than her disgruntled ex, she struggles to overcome the obstacles threatening her happiness as well as her life.

I’m extremely proud of my Cajun heritage and try to inject the flavor and flair of southern Louisiana in the form of food, customs, dialect, or music. I would love the opportunity to introduce you to ‘my people’, the witty, wonderful, and sometimes wild characters of my imaginary world.


Last First Kiss

Book 2 of La Fleur de Love Series

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