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Seasons of Love Series – Book 3 – SWEET SUMMERTIME LOVE

Book Three of the Seasons of Love series, published by Cajunflair Publishing

SUMMER LOVIN’ – Garden gnomes are mysteriously appearing at Ella’s townhouse complex. When Jim, a sexy as hell detective with ulterior motives  agrees to help her solve the whodunit, their mutual attraction takes them from gnomes to ninety in record time. ~ Karen Sue Burns

DO-OVER SUMMER – The summer starts out on the wrong foot for Jewel Price, bookstore owner on Daniels Island.  Infatuated with the visiting celebrity novelist, Matt Cross, Jewell soon finds herself in too deep with a man who might be interested in her for all the wrong reasons. ~ Kim Hornsby

STILL LOVING CAT – Zachary has waited twelve years to marry the only girl he’s ever loved. Two weeks shy of their much anticipated wedding day, an accident has Cathryn waking in a hospital, with no memory of the last year of her life.  Can Zach love her enough to make her remember why she left a fiance and the picture perfect lifestyle she thought she had in Dallas? ~ Lori Leger

THE LAST BLIND DATE – Mimi Goodenough has no idea what’s in store for her as she zips herself into her satin evening gown having agreed to one last blind date. Her best friend has good intentions, but even she didn’t see this one coming. The evening starts with sexual tension and dangerous sparks with a man she can hardly resist. Derek Black isn’t just any blind date. Charming and handsome, yes, but something is amiss. From the glittering lights of Seattle to the shadowy foothills of the Cascade Mountains, hang onto your stilettos, Mimi! In one evening, she finds romance and danger on a champagne-fueled thrill ride. ~ Carmine Valentine

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