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November 2011 Heart of La. luncheon

Okay, last year it was Sherrilyn Kenyon…who’s it going to be this year?  Louisiana’s own Sabrina Jefferies will be appearing at Heart of Louisiana RWA’s Reader’s Luncheon this year at the fabulous Jubin’s of Baton Rouge.  Our registration fee is already paid and the first Saturday in November is marked on the calendar.  I love this luncheon…not only did we meet some wonderful people last year, but it gives us a chance to see our friends again.  Like the incredibly talented ladies, Farrah Rochon and Dawn Chartier, whose tables will be graced by Trish and I, as well as another writer/drafter friend, Debbie Dalme.   I’ve met a lot of the authors who’ll be there for book signings, i.e. Sabrina Jefferies, Deborah LeBlanc, Barbara Colley, and Diana Rowland.  Sabrina and her friend, Claudia Dain, were the tumultuous twosome at RWA Nationals in Orlando last year…where one was, so was the other.  They were both fabulous and friendly ladies who always stopped to ask how Trish and I were doing.  I doubt if she’ll remember meeting me, but it’ll be nice to see Sabrina again.

Deborah LeBlanc will be the emcee this year, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing her also. I met her at the luncheon for the first time last year and have bumped into her at a few functions since then.  I think I’ve already bought everything she’s written, so I hope she’s published something new since I last saw her.



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